Thursday, September 1, 2011

wonderful wrapping

I ordered a bag from Jeanne Oliver on Friday.
I wanted the camera bag but she was out.
So, I ordered the messenger bag.
It came on Monday.
I loved how she wrapped it and sent little sweet vintage papers
and a photo of her artwork.
I didn't want to open this pretty package but I did
and I love the bag too :)
Now today, I see she just made more camera bags...sigh.
here is a link to the messenger bag :)

Happy Thursday and Happy September xoxo


inkala images said...

oh my, isn't the wrapping just divine?

and I've just taken a peek...I think I 'need' one of those camera bags too!

Ingrid x

A New England Life said...

When I ordered from Lisa Leonard the wrapping was sweet too, so I photographed it. Such thoughtful women.

Lucky you getting that bag! I love the Ellison version!