Friday, January 21, 2011

on the farm


I have been wanting to take photo of these guys since we moved here a few weeks ago


I finally had enough day light to take a few photos last weekend


none of them would come near the fence but I hope they will next time


this one is a beauty… those eye are amazing.

Happy Friday xo


Me and my camera said...

Your work is beautiful and I have so enjoyed discovering your blog and your flickr photos. I am a Texas girl recently transplanted to a "foreign state" and I understand how difficult that is. I have a set of photos from San Antonio on Flickr if you would like to visit.
Your little boy is beautiful and I hope he is feeling better, and that you find wonderful experiences waiting for you in your new home.
Would you mind sharing your source for the postcard textures? They are lovely and I have tried to track some down, but have not had any luck. I would love to find them.
Keep up the beautiful work--it is a joy to visit. Please visit me sometime as well--
I hope your week is a good one.
Pamela Taylor

Beverly said...

oh my, thank you for your kind words! Sorry I just found the comment and i will get the info for the textures to you when I get home later. :)