Friday, January 28, 2011

happy Friday


found some of these still standing after all the snow we had last week.

woke to more snow today.

staying warm inside today :)

Hope your Friday is happy xo

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Me and my camera said...

Hi, Beverly---thank you for visiting me and for your kind words. Are you absolutely freezing in your new home away from Texas? Altho I think we are all freezing, even those of us in the deep south! I am so enjoying looking at your beautiful work on flickr and your blog. I am teaching myself to add texture and just created my first ones this weekend. I am loving it! I looked through every les brunes photo in the photostream and did not find the wonderful postcard textures! Although I loved the work I found there---thank you. But could you guide me further please? I would so appreciate it. My flickr is pamelaptaylor. I do not have outlook email, but have yahoo or you can leave me msgs on my blog. Thank you! And thank you for sharing your work---it is inspiring! Pamela Taylor